Sunday, June 30, 2024

My Time, My Tribute & a Rant

It appears I am overdo for a rant, but this one's been brewing for some time. Just had a potential client cancel an evening session at the last minute with an "emergency". Mind you, this session has been scheduled for a week and I turned down two other work opportunities and at least three social events as it's summertime and Pride month. 

Yes, I understand that emergencies do happen, however, this was the second time this he has cancelled last minute with the same excuse. Now, most Dommes would have told him to take a hike after the first go around. But I am a philanthropic Woman, so I told him I would give him one more opportunity. He mentioned he would choose something from My wishlist to make up for it. I'm not holding My breath.

My time is valuable and I do not appreciate it being misused.
I have almost 21 years experience. I own a gorgeous, professional dungeon. I teach at kink conventions internationally. I have invested in My education and still do. I have an equipment collection that bar to none. And I genuinely love what I do, when I am properly appreciated, that is. If you know, you know.

My tribute is half of what I could command if I were in a bigger city like L.A., Seattle, or New York City. I had a caller recently ask Me to lower My tribute for a session. My reply was Absolutely Not. I will not ever, so do not ask. Like I've talked about before here on this blog - Professional BDSM is an expensive hobby much like skiing, skydiving, golf, racing cars, and on. If you want the best, you're going to pay for it. Also, never, ever ask a s3x worker to lower their rate. Like, ever.

Another thing I do that not many other Dommes do - grandfathering clients in at the tribute during the time they had the privilege of serving Me. For example: I have a few submissives who have been seeing Me regularly for quite some time. So long, they've outlasted a tribute increase. Of which there have only been three. Three tribute adjustments in the last 21 years. Loyal clients who have been with Me, supporting Me for years, they remain at an old tribute amount.

I'll get off My soapbox now. Just don't waste My time.