Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Sessions Available * Summer Schedule * Thank You

There is time available on My calendar for sessions this week. If you'd like to present yourself, you should contact Me appropriate manner. My contact information and protocol can be found on this page.
I look forward to playing with you.

My summer schedule is light this year by design. I will, however, be taking My annual sabbatical and will be unavailable beginning Monday, August 19th (three days after My birthday) through Sunday, September 8th. Please schedule your training accordingly.

And yes, you read that correctly. My birthday is coming up - August 16th. Mark your calendars and treat Me accordingly.

Finally, thank you to the sweetest boy who sent a gift from My Amazon wishlist - a shiny, purple, metal chastity cage. I'll add it to the collection bringing My stock to six devices. One can never have too many when I believe all of the cocks should be locked up always.