Monday, January 22, 2018

Foot Fetish & Worship in General

On "worship" -
I get a lot of requests for "worship" scenes. This always requires an in-depth conversation specifically around expectations and boundaries. While body worship is something I savor, it's not something that I do with just anyone. Typically it's a personal pastime reserved for My sexual partners, prized slaves and loyal playthings.

So, should you want to worship Me, you're going to start at My feet.
Why? -- Because I happen to LOVE foot worship.
My feet will command your attention and they actually hold the key to influencing Me in any capacity. In other words, make My feet feel good and you'll feel even better. If you have the opportunity, that is.

Oh you don't like feet? -- Too bad.
My footsies are the starting point, the gateway, and quite honestly, the main focus of the type of worship that I enjoy most. And allow Me to remind you - it is all about Me.

My feet are the strong base to which My body rides. They carry Me though My days and are always in need of a good rub. Especially after sporting super high heels or boots for hours while tormenting you.

Speaking of super high heels and boots... Yea, you love those, too.
And let's not forget about pantyhose. Delicious pantyhose...

Moral to this short story: never underestimate the power of My peds.