Thursday, February 1, 2018

F4F OTK and the Spanking of "Jasmine"

I have the honor of playing with and tormenting the willing. A lot.
In fact, I've played three times in the last 7 days and while I cherish them all, I must admit Sunday's session is one that I'm still savoring.

Let Me tell you why --

Sunday afternoon a sweet, young, beautiful Asian woman presented herself to Me for a session revolving around her desire for a spanking. And if you know Me, I love spanking scenes. And I adore women.

Once we were done chatting and ready to begin, I had her remove her clothing. Slowly, so I could take her in. She was petite and slender, like Me, with long black hip-length hair. Somewhat shy and demure so I was warm and nurturing. *wink*

I asked her to choose three implements from My toy collection -
a wooden spoon, a long bath brush, and another paddle. I placed her over the spanking bench and gave her a taste of what each of those felt like. And then I chose some implements - a flogger, another paddle, and a cane. Interspersed with swats from My bare hand.

She was hoping to experience some different sensations and fall into a comfy submissive head space while gaining a better understanding of a negotiated Dominant/submissive dynamic.

I praised her often and pet her head like a kitty cat.

Then I took her over My knee and worked her little behind into a warm reddened apple. She seemed to enjoy it by all the wriggling followed by limpness as her nethers grew ever warmer and sticky.

Since she was nicely warmed, I finished her off with 10 semi-solid strokes from the punishment strap. Leaving behind a few souvenirs as reminders of our time together.

It's not often a sexy femme throws herself under My bus. But when it does happen.... Well, let's just say that evening I finally wore out the battery on My cordless Hitachi.