Monday, March 12, 2018

Portland Sessions 4/5 to 4/10 - BOOKING NOW

I have yet to post any ads online for My upcoming visit though I'm busy filling My schedule. And I know you want to be on it. *wink*

I've still got some limited time available for qualified candidates -
Thursday, April 5th to Tuesday, April 10th

I do mean limited time available as I only set a certain amount of session slots for each visit and once they are filled, that's it. Really.

And I do mean qualified candidates. This means, either A) we've played before; and/or B) you've taken the time to read through the information provided on My website prior to reaching out.
There you will find answers to most of your questions. Yes, really.

And finally, a qualified candidate has passed My application and screening process typically beginning with an introductory email that has piqued My interest and consisting of a completed application form (10-12 questions), followed by a phone call to further discuss.

You see, I realize it may be simple for you to pull out your wallet, but I prefer to play with those that pay attention and follow directions.

I'll be back in July so be sure to schedule your training accordingly.

What are you waiting for? - Bust a move!