Monday, March 18, 2019

Surrender to Me in SLC

It's almost Spring and the weather is perking up like a nice pair of sensitive nipples. Makes Me want to spank some naughty butts with vigor and have some kinky fun. What about you? *brow cock*

If you have served Me in the past and have My phone number, you may call Me during My phone hours to schedule an appointment.

I have some availability in My schedule this week but please allow some advance notice as I am rarely to never available for same-day sessions. I mean -- Yes, I own My own play space. Yes, I make My own schedule. And Yes, I may want to play with you. But, the idea is -- I'm not just sitting around waiting for you to call Me. *wink*

I do like to put some thought and effort in plotting our time together.
I enjoy preparing for a session to make it special and memorable.
Because it can be extraordinary. If you let it.

New-to-Me? - Email Me for an application:

Sincere inquiries only.