Thursday, January 9, 2020

My Desires, My Wants, My Needs + You

My desire to play with you is palpable. In fact, if you were at My feet right now you'd almost taste it. It is My desire to use you, toy with you, dress you down, tie you up and torment you mercilessly. I desire to expertly administer a bevy of delicious sensations that will make you forget your own name. I will teach you a new language that only we understand. I'll use My hands, My tools, My experience and skill set, My brain and boots to get exactly what I want from you. Your body and naughty bits, your submission, your servitude will be Mine.

I want to praise you a good slut as you forced to do indescribably dirty deeds for My distinct pleasure. I want to pet your head like a good little cock sucker while I train your tongue how to worship Mine. I want to put you over My knee and give you a well-deserved spanking until you cry tears. My serious wants include some sadistic gifts from My whips, cat-of-nine tails, canes and floggers. But I will always settle for a good foot massage and pure unadulterated adoration.

Since I am such an organized pre-planner, I just so happen to have time through this coming week to offer sessions. Put yourself in My capable hands and let's knock off some of My desires and wants.

If you are sincerely interested in a session, you may call Me from an unblocked number to further discuss. If you are new-to-Me, plan on a brief screening when you call so be ready to speak freely and honestly. And do try to allow at least a few hours notice, if possible.

Phone hours: 10AM to 5PM, Mountain
Number: (503) 891-8487
Note: Calls received outside of My phone hours will be documented and blocked of any further contact. So be aware of when it is you are calling. If you would like to call outside of My phone hours and talk at length and in great dirty detail about your kinky thoughts and fantasies, you have the opportunity to do so on Niteflirt.

Or you may send your request via email:

Geographically challenged and unable to serve Me in the flesh? - Call Me on Niteflirt. I absolutely relish in speaking with kinky folks, sissies and sluts all over this planet. And some even in My own backyard.

Last but not least and most important, My Needs. I need a vacation!
And some of you know that I do not care for hotels much. So....
1. Click this link to a much-needed Airbnb electronic gift card. 
2. choose an amount for your gift card. Maximum is $200 so you may send more than one with 250 being an average nightly rate
3. enter My email address for delivery:
4. don't forget to include your 'name' so I can thank you personally. Unless you wish to remain anonymous.... *smile*

Don't just leave it dangling - call Me and schedule yourself a session before the week is up. Satisfy My desires and My wants. And if you really want to make My day/week/month a whole lot brighter, flood My inbox with Airbnb gift cards! I am worth it. And you know it.