Friday, January 24, 2020

Portland Sessions 3/15 to 3/20

Attention Portland area sluts, spankos and wanton submissives.

I'm returning to My home away from home in less than two months and I currently happen to have two or three time slots available on My session schedule which is a rarity and I suspect they will fill quickly. So if you are sincerely interested, I suggest you bust a move.

Wish to sit at My feet and give My peds a nice long hard rub? Need a good old fashioned spanking over My knee? Or maybe you're hot to be tied and teased and tormented and tickled and tortured.

I am a quality over quantity player and set aside only so much time for sessions during My visits. In fact, I typically will accept only one session per day. And that's not because there is so much for Me to see and do while I'm in town insomuch as I always Give It My All in a session. And I simply cannot do that more than once per day for a few reasons - A) while torturing you invigorates Me, Giving It My All is energetically draining; B) I want to focus all of My energy on you and only you that day. Not be thinking back to the session just prior. Or the session scheduled after you; and C) your time with Me is sacred and I don't think it's quite fair to you if I'm not able to Give It My All during our time together. So, know that when you show up to serve Me, I will not be weary from back-to-back sessions. On the contrary - I'm going to show up and give you all I've got. So be ready for Me.

Sessions available: Sunday, March 15th to Friday March 20th

If you'd like to be considered, you may send your request via email.
My email: