Friday, January 31, 2020

Stay Connected With Yours Truly

Wish to stay connected with Me through this transition?

Here's some tips and suggestions on how you can do just that -

Stay tuned here to My blog. This is where I'll be sharing all of My news and updates. I post a lot of other things too, so bookmark this page if you have not done so already. I'll add that My posts are not ever really Safe For Work, so save it for personal time.

Serve Me Before I Get Settled. In the interim, I will be offering limited sessions to My established clients at a Super Secret Salt Lake City Location later in February. Email Me for more details.

Phone Sessions. Typically, I offer phone sessions via Niteflirt. It's 2.19 per minute and charges appear discreetly on your credit card statement as NF Services. This is a completely anonymous way for you to connect with Me as NF does not share personal information. Mornings are usually when you can find Me available. Or you can email Me, direct or via NF, to schedule a time that works for both of us. And if you are one that does not care to use Niteflirt, I do have a few other ways I accept tribute. Email Me for more information.

Dinner With Yours Truly. I'm a foodie who loves a good conversation about Domination and the Lifestyle. And I have some favorite restaurants with quiet corners. Tribute for My time is expected.
If this sounds interesting to you, you should send Me an email.

Send Me a letter, card, gift or gift card. I have a new mail box and I love love love to receive mail. By the way, thank you to those who have sent something already. If you've benefited from My blog or enjoyed the things I share here with you, let Me know. Send Me something the good ole fashioned way, via snail mail!

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Box 141
Salt Lake City UT 84111

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