Thursday, February 27, 2020

Where Have I Been & Portland Sessions

I know, you've missed Me. And you're probably wondering where I am and what's going on with Me and My new play space.

Unfortunately, I was the victim in a car accident. Not to worry, I'm just banged up and not broken so for that I am grateful. But My car is totaled and the recovery process is definitely taking longer than I anticipated. Which means My body needs more time to heal. Which means you won't be seeing Me for a little while longer.

I will not be accepting any new-to-Me clients until I am completely healed and the dungeon move is complete. Think Spring.

For those who have already had the pleasure of serving Me and are currently in training, stay tuned for some opportunities.

For the next week, I will be off the grid. Taking a deep dive into a week of relaxation. I'm also leaving the laptop behind - so all emails will be addressed upon My return.

Portland Reminder: I will be in town 3/15 to 3/20 with limited time available for sessions. If you think you'd like to play, send Me an email. I'll get back to you next week.

Want Me to know you are thinking of Me? Send Me a card, gift or gift card. I also adore receiving letters from doting submissives.

400 East 300 South 
Box 141
Salt Lake City UT 84111