Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Short Leashes Vs. Social Distancing

So much to catch you up on, but I'll ask you to be patient with Me as the last few weeks have been crazy to say the least. Stay tuned here on My blog for a longer and more formal update about My current situation and more importantly, the situation of the nation and world. And probably some other fun and kinky stuff too.

Don't stray too far...

Also, in an effort to stay even more connected, I'm going to be devoting more time to this blog and posting for you more often.
I also plan on spending more time available on NiteFlirt. I offer phone sessions of all types, from mild to wild. It's yet another way you can stay connected with Me through this time of isolation. You shouldn't feel lonely when you have Me to call and talk (dirty) to.
So give Me a call or better yet, schedule a time with Me that works for both of us. Hit the 'Call Now' button on the right panel. Or email Me at to schedule a call.

Get closer...

During this super boring quarantine situation I've been filling My Amazon wishlist with all kinds of kinky, sexy, interesting and useful things that I'm pining for. Go on, indulge Me. Choose something special that catches your eye. Or just send an e-gift card and let Me do the shopping. Your credit card statement is discreetly earmarked as and your gift(s) are mailed directly to Yours Truly. Please remember to include a note along with your offering(s) so I know the gift is from you. Unless you wish to remain anonymous. Finally, if you've thoughtfully sent something in the last two-three weeks, I've been away but I'll be checking My mailbox this week.

I'll be back shortly. Until then, I'll keep you on a short virtual leash...