Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Connection & Vacuum Slaves Wanted

It's been weeks since I've updated you all. My doting readers.
I know you're out there. Lurking. The analytics tell Me so.

Perverts and spankos from all over the world tuning in to see what I am doing. I know that Pre Pandemic Posts were much more exciting and provocative, to say the least. Nowadays, a days highlights might include hand-picking a nice bounty of vegetables from the garden, perhaps attending an online workshop or a Friend Zoom, reading a book, enjoying time in My private pool and working on My tan, sans tan lines.

Wish you were here... Fanning My body, fetching My drinks, applying and reapplying sunscreen to My parts, massaging My feet. Alas.

What are you doing to stay busy, safe and sane?
Email Me, I'm genuinely interested and curious.
My general email: msjulie@juliespanks.com

I miss My loyal submissives, some of you newer-to-Me wanton slaves who showed Me such great promise, My endearing Tie Slut, and My intimate band of staunch Portland supplicants, My Spanko Tom, and so many more of you that I truly miss.


Given the current situation I am not meeting anyone for real time sessions. And, unfortunately, this will be the case for a good while. If you'd like to connect or reconnect with Yours Truly, I am available by appointment for phone sessions. I do also have Skype and Zoom for something more personal.  Send Me an email for more info.

Wish to send Me a tribute just to brighten My day? My PayPal email: msjuliespanks@gmail.com

It's a beautiful day to surprise Me.

Or even indulge Me.

Also, still looking for a new vacuum (slave)....