Sunday, April 25, 2021

New Space Q & A ~ Ask Me Anything

There have been some repeat questions coming My way regarding the new space, mostly around privacy and discretion, so I thought I'd answer them here. 

Q: Is your new space discreet?
A: Yes. The new space is a house in an unassuming neighborhood in Salt Lake City. Located about 10 minutes from downtown or the airport. For everyone's safety, the house is equipped with a security system with cameras outside (only). Again, used solely for the purpose of keeping Myself, My supplicants and My dungeon safe. 

Q: Will I see anyone else or run into any other slaves when coming to session with you?
A: No. When you come to session, it will just be you and Me. No one will be bothering us. I do offer sessions with other Dommes as well as sexy submissives. But only if it has been previously discussed, planned and negotiated.

Q: Is it a room in an apartment or a house?
A: No. The entire house will be My dedicated dungeon space. It has three themed rooms, plus a well-appointed sitting room, a full bathroom, a dining area and kitchen. It is a safe space where you can let your hair and guard down. We can make as much noise as we want. No one will be checking in on us. 

I hope this answered a question or two for you. If not, send your questions My way. I'd love to get all of your questions answered.
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