Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Hot For Teacher & Mentoring New Dominas

This photo popped up on My social media memory lane today and I liked it so I thought I'd share. I posted it in July of 2014. I'm guessing I was teaching classes at Thunder in the Mountains as that's when that particular convention takes place (2020 excluded, of course). 

I won't be presenting any workshops at Thunder this year. But that won't stop Me from packing an overnight bag and hopping on a plane just to go hang out with My kinky friends and cohorts for a weekend. While these conventions may look a little different from here on forward, I am truly looking forward to being back amongst My tribe.

Speaking of teaching - another piece of exciting news that I will also share with you. I will be offering mentoring. A few Women have expressed an interest in learning the Art of Domination. And it just so happens that I have 18 years worth of knowledge and information to pass along. Not to mention a formal, more professional and elite way of conducting a successful and lasting business. After speaking and connecting with each one individually, I am eager to watch them bloom and blossom into the best versions of themselves they can become. All unique in their own special ways. All learning the proper way to get into your head and beat your ass. *wink*

If you are reading this and you are a local (not necessarily) female-identifying human who wishes to learn more about the Art of Female Dominance. please send Me an email: msjulie@juliespanks.com