Saturday, March 11, 2023

Chastity Games * Keyholding Services

A semi-regular slut of Mine has been expressing some serious interest in chastity. Seems that seed I planted a while ago has sprouted and is beginning to grow all on it's own. It's a seed I plant fairly often, especially if I think the submissive might already have a predisposition for chastity, be able to fantasize about it unabashedly, and ultimately find joy in the finer nuances and submissive headspace that comes with chastity. 

Also, it is of My personal opinion that all penis owners should be kept locked in a device. But that's another story.

Chastity was an interest that also slowly grew on Me after I was passionately introduced to it by a former personal slave of Mine. During those years, I learned more about the psychological, physical, and mental components along with the emotional gains earned for the wearer. I fell in love with chastity play. 

Think you're interested? I recommend doing an incredible amount of research. The internet is your friend. Join groups, ask questions. 

Monday, the aforementioned slut is visiting Me early in the day so I can apply My chastity device, underneath some panties of course. I'll then send him on his merry way to complete the days work and tasks. Only to return to Me later that evening for much wanted teasing and tormenting. If he's lucky, he may earn a release.

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