Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Steamy Scenes With Yours Truly in the Dungeon

This week I have enjoyed a few really great sessions.
One, a young newbie eager to learn the ropes. We had a fun and engaging BDSM 101-type session where I ran through a gamut of activities on his long list of kinky interests. Based on his feedback, I'm looking forward to creating more memories from his fantasies.

The second session this week was with a not-so-new to Me submissive. He is quite submissive and extremely sensitive to My touch. This slut was yearning, moaning, and begging for more. Then is was revealed to Me that he is a legit undercover butt slut.
As the session had naturally navigated that direction, his unstoppable hunger almost swallowed My entire fist. I wanted to leave him longing for more. So I did just that. This slut does not know what he has coming. Until then, I'll just sit back and enjoy My imagination running amok, plotting the dirty demise of his sweet ass.

My third session this week was with someone new-to-Me. He claimed he sole interest was strict bondage and confessed to not having a submissive bone in his body. I think he's a teensy bit off. In any case, he was respectful had I fun tying him in various predicaments using all kinds of tools - rope, vet wrap, chains, leather locking restraints, one heavy deprivation leather hood, and a snug sleepsac with additional straps and tie-downs to make him feel very secure. After getting him trussed, he reached his peak. I allowed him to float for a while before removing him from his transformative space cocoon. 

Would you like to submit yourself to a capable and understanding Domina? Look no further. I have almost 20 years experience, My own discreet and private playspace, as well as an arsenal of equipment, furniture and tools to control you. 

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