Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Punishment of a Chronic Masturbator

My goodness, where does the time go? I've been fairly occupied with all of the things that are happening for and around Me. As you may have guessed, a good portion of My time and energy has been well-spent training submissives, spanking naughty bottoms, and tormenting self-proclaimed chronic masturbators.

One of My sessions was a with a new-to-Me submissive who confessed to watching copious amounts of Femdom porn and masturbating. Like, a lot. And while he had always fantasized about being Dominated, it was his very first time acting upon his deep desires and, needless to say, he was a nervous nilly.

I enjoyed whispering sweet nothings in his ear as I put him through a fistful of bondage predicaments and delightfully tormented him, keeping him on edge. Or at least trying to. He was so nervous he wasn't able to keep an erection. I even allowed him to manipulate himself, still nothing. So I put it away. For safe keeping.

Secured with some bondage straps, I wrapped his roaming hands and useless cock in purple vet wrap. If I wasn't able to use it, he couldn't either. It was there on the bondage table, he was able to take a few minutes to think about what he had, or had not, done. 

After some time, I freed him of his bondage and turned him over to make use of his other side, face-down / ass-up. And guess what I discovered... This boy was an undercover butt slut, gobbling up all of My fingers and toys. Perhaps I will have use for him after all.

When our time was over, I begrudgingly released his hands so he could drive his car home. I did, however, leave the pitiful cock encased tightly and sent the boy home with a little blue pill and some homework. His instructions were to watch two hours of Femdom porn before unwrapping himself to try for an orgasm one last time. 

In his follow-up email, he reported that he was not able to complete the homework. There will be more appropriate punishments when he returns. I can hardly wait.