Monday, May 20, 2024

Extended & Overnight Sessions @ The Mini Manor

Earlier this month, to My devious delight, I orchestrated an overnight session with one very lucky masochist. He was visiting The City of Salt on business and decided to devote the last evening of his trip to Yours Truly. Who would choose Motel 6 over The Mini Manor anyway?

Twelve hours of My wicked attention and I must say, he did well, considering. The beauty and allure of lengthy sessions is everything you'd want and more. When we don't have to watch the clock, we can lose ourselves in the exquisite flavors of sweet submission and stiff Dominance. Whips dancing on his tongue, his cock, his nipples. 

He surrendered himself at 10pm and we played well into the wee hours. Upon his request, we negotiated a few hours sleep, and I allowed it. Secured to the bondage table, he attempted to track down some illusive sleep. I don't think he was too successful. Little did he know, I secretly love the impact of sleep deprivation. Fortunately, for him, the following day was just a travel day.

We engaged in so many fun activities, I lost count - bondage, cbt, nipple play, medical play, sounding, tease and denial, needles, more bondage, impact play, flogging, spanking, caning, paddling, whipping, edging, foot worship, mummification, and more.

After a warm shower, some coffee, and healthy breakfast foods, I released him with ample time to return the rental car and get to the airport for his 2pm flight. I made good and sure his bottom was nice and sore for the long plane ride home. I also left him with some excellent wanking material - thighs adorned with bruises.
And a fistful of naughty photos from our session to enjoy later.

I adore extended, overnight, and weekend-long sessions.
Longer sessions give us the opportunity to explore deeply and languish in the heady dynamic of owner and slave, Domina/submissive, Boss Lady/subordinate, Mistress/slut. 

Give in to desire.